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                  Ethel May Winifred Harrison                                                                   Ethel May Harrison,  my grandmother      
                         my mom "Winnie"     

                                                                            John James Haines, Ethel May Haines, Lula May Rees Haines
    My great-grandparents

                                   The Haines family photo:  (Click on the photo for a larger version, then scroll over each person for their name.)

                                 My Grandfather                                                                                                               My Great-Grandparents
                  John Hatton Harrison... aka "Jack"                                                               Sara Jane Williams Harrison and Robert Hatton Harrison
                                                                                                                                                         This photo was taken in 1933 on the occasion of
                                                                                                                                                                         their 50th wedding anniversary.

John (Jack) Hatton Harrison and Ethel May Haines had 9 children.  
At the time this photo was taken [approx. 1949] Jack & Ethel had six granddaughters.
These adorable little girls are now in their 60's and just as cute.  
       Kathy, Mary, Kerry, Patty, Chrissy, Suzie
We are going to re-create this special photo at the reunion!

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